BISS provides support services and solutions for various Industry sector and cloud technologies using Middleware Integrations.

We provide innovative and informed decisions regarding solutions to any issues faced by our clients in API Life Cycle development for both WebServices, REST services and connectors, strategy, implementation, change management, architecture, deployment/hosting, and remote application management.

Industry Solutions

Our first priority is your success, which is why a customer's fulfillment is mission-critical for us. No matter where you are in your business journey, our crew of industry-leading product experts is here to assist you.

Expert consultants are present at BISS for giving solutions and support. BISS can help you resolve issues and carry out support work while providing solutions to the development team who are stuck with unresolvable issues concerning Oracle and MuleSoft software.

We are passionately committed to ensuring success through our unmatched experience and extensive global network. When you partner with BISS consulting, you will have the advantages of reducing risk and maximizing investment by providing rapid solutions for robust implementation.

Our expert support team works intimately with the clients to assist organizations in using the power of connectivity. We lead them in solutions ranging from essential application integration to producing valuable data as a service to customers and associates through fully secure APIs.

We Provide Architecture Assessment and Designs for Anypoint, GovCloud, On-Prem, and Hybrid

We create API driven architecture which allows developers to focus on Business Logic rather than worry about structuring the application. The initial API structure needs to be planned out, after which each team goes forth and develops the individual APIs. This dramatically reduces development time as well.

With BISS maintaining the Anypoint Platform infrastructure, your IT teams can concentrate on creating integrations. You can control and observe a cloud-based management console.

We help define an architecture that structures the application as a set of loosely coupled, collaborating services.

Each service is:

  • Very maintainable and testable - allows rapid and constant development and deployment.
  • Independently deployable - allows a team to deploy their service without having to coordinate with other units.
  • Capable of being produced by a small team - necessary for high productivity by avoiding the long communication head of large teams

  • Support and Solutions for implementing DevOps

    The growing adoption of DevOps by most businesses worldwide indicates its potential as a critical enabler to achieving scale. Implementation of DevOps systems helps our clients deliver high-quality, faster, and dependable software relying on culture of collaboration and cooperation among all functions of an organizations. It calls for significant cultural changes and adjustment of legacy programming practices. BISS manages to implement DevOps and its set of principles and practices that help an organization to deliver software/applications lean and efficient while leveraging feedback from end-users to develop continuously. We install a feedback mechanism that improves the processes of producing an application. Through DevOps, we define performance reviews for the team and the individual. Since teamwork and collaboration are at the center of DevOps, performance reviews are mostly based on their teams' ability to meet their development and deployment goals. Our team produces continuous delivery, which is an extension of continuous integration.