About us

BISS is a global IT service and consulting corporation. We specialize in providing solutions to issues arising from software and creating substantial API architecture for our clients. Our company is founded to help hundreds of businesses to access, handle, and monetize their services. Our commitment, expertise, and ability to solve problems fast will aid customers and their associates. We aim to accelerate our client's business by providing best solutions.

We work with a variety of digital innovators to produce superior solutions that facilitate business transformation and growth. That software includes APIs integrations to the various industries using integration technologies, Cloud Products, etc.


Our Goals

Accelerate Project Delivery

Together with great cross-vertical experience, our imperative partnerships enable us to leverage tested frameworks and accelerators to speed up delivery and lower cost.

Embed Best Practices

We practice control and develop a unique methodology for each project through our dedicated team to ensure our delivered solutions' high quality.

Customer Satisfaction

We operate closely with the client at all levels via our technical and account management teams to guarantee that the results meet their current and future requirements. They are fully qualified to leverage our solutions.



BISS, as our mission is to provide quality solutions and services for all integration needs. Our hard work drives through a focus that aims to give resolutions to the problems or issues that are caught in the design, development, and test period of an API life cycle.

With assistance from BISS, you can run, scale, and measure your API programs' success and engage with your API consumers. BISS certified specialists harness their API Integration, and Data & Analytics specialization to offer a complete technology service. Guiding a project from discovery and planning through to implementation and support in record time.

We have keen knowledge and expertise in the SOA area that powers our problem-solving skills in software integration with MuleSoft, Oracle Middleware, Microservices integration technologies.

Our work ethic and expertise help in driving client projects to success. We emphasize the value of governance and sustainability by guiding organizations to create and sustain vital processes and environments with a secure DevOps.

Our innovative resolution strategies differentiate us. Beginning with the end in mind, we design and create solutions for our consumers, depending on their individual requests and goals.